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I Know I Am a Child of the 80’s and 90’s… But I Totally Had a Monster-Nik Growing Up.

It feels like forever since I have written an article, and in honor of it being October I wanted to write about something Halloween-related.  In this case, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Halloween toys as a … Continue reading

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Pick of the Week: Lightolier Lytegem Mid-Century Lamp

This week’s “Pick of the Week” comes straight from my local Goodwill.  For the longest time I had written the local Goodwill off.  Ever since they moved from their old location that they had been in for decades to a … Continue reading

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Pick Of The Week: Factory-Built Aurora Monsters

Besides Carol’s “Smile” photo project, we would also like to introduce “Pick of the Week”!  Each week (or as we go out looking for new old stuff) we will pick our favorite find of the week!  Pretty simple, right? To … Continue reading

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The Randotti Skull: A Staple of Disneyland Souvenirs for Several Decades

Almost as daunting as collecting Disney memorabilia in general is collecting Disney theme park merchandise.  After all, Disneyland has been merchandising itself consistently for 57 years.  If you visit a Disney theme park these days, you might notice that pretty … Continue reading

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The Unimal: Educational Hybrid Monster!

When I found my Unimal about 8 months ago, I thought I was just buying a wacky hybrid farm animal.  Turns out the Unimal, which is 1/5 cow, 1/5 steer, 1/5 chicken, 1/5 pig, and 1/5 sheep has a rich … Continue reading

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Angela Lansbury And Her Action Bed

If you have ever made any attempt to research or collect Disneyana, you know that it is a very vast collecting field and that Disney will put its name on just about any product.  I don’t even want to attempt … Continue reading

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Magic Robo Transforming Gorilla Head!

When I was about a freshman in high school, I decided that I wanted to start collecting monkeys.  I don’t know why exactly, but I think it simply comes down to the fact that there is a lot of crazy … Continue reading

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The Hawaiian Cottage

Tiki mugs are one of my many collections that fit into the mid-century category of collecting.  They are colorful, whimsical, and I can usually pick them up for not a lot of money at flea markets.  Though many different mug … Continue reading

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The Little Horribles Meet Dali

The Weakling from The Little Horribles For my first blog on, I wanted to share an observation that I made several years ago when I discovered the amazing pottery of Hagen Renaker.  I guess this story starts on a … Continue reading

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