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Smile: Lebanon Bologna from Lebanon, PA

What could this happy guy with his jaunty bow-tie be smiling about?  His love of Lebanon bologna, of course! He might be a little bit biased, though.  After all, he IS a giant Lebanon bologna himself holding a smaller Lebanon … Continue reading

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Pick Of The Week: Factory-Built Aurora Monsters

Besides Carol’s “Smile” photo project, we would also like to introduce “Pick of the Week”!  Each week (or as we go out looking for new old stuff) we will pick our favorite find of the week!  Pretty simple, right? To … Continue reading

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Smile: Dr. Swett’s Root Beer

This happy young man is enjoying a refreshing glass of Dr. Swett’s Root Beer.  Most likely you have heard of Hire’s Root Beer, but not Dr. Swett’s.  Essentially, though, the products were very similar.  Dr. Swett’s may even predate Hire’s … Continue reading

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Feature Matches: These Matches Should Be Featured in Anyone’s Collection

I’m not a matchbook collector, per se, but if I were a phillumenist, I’d definitely collect Feature Matches.  When it comes to little scraps of advertising ephemera, these clever and colorful matchbooks with pictures on the actual matches are matchless! … Continue reading

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Smile: Kreiss Psycho Ceramics

Look at those sparkling baby blues!  Note those gigantic pearly whites!  If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. This is a Kreiss Psycho Ceramics figure from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.  This company made all … Continue reading

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Have a Happy Fourth of July! Here’s Something to Put a Smile on Your Face!

New on  Beginning today, we at the CollectorGene want to start bringing you something to smile about weekly.  In addition to our full-length articles, we will be posting themed photos with short descriptions. “Smile” will be brought to you … Continue reading

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The Randotti Skull: A Staple of Disneyland Souvenirs for Several Decades

Almost as daunting as collecting Disney memorabilia in general is collecting Disney theme park merchandise.  After all, Disneyland has been merchandising itself consistently for 57 years.  If you visit a Disney theme park these days, you might notice that pretty … Continue reading

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