Smile: Kreiss Psycho Ceramics

Look at those sparkling baby blues!  Note those gigantic pearly whites!  If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

This is a Kreiss Psycho Ceramics figure from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.  This company made all sorts of ceramic giftware, some of it serious in nature but much of it humorous like this.  This little fella originally came with a tag with some clever saying on it to go with his expression.  Many Psycho Ceramics have plastic jewel elements glued onto them that are often missing.  This guy has jewels for pupils that are still intact.  He measures 5″-6″ tall and is in relatively good condition though he has suffered some paint wear on the cold-painted areas.  He is stamped with a Kreiss copyright on the bottom and also has a sticker that says “Japan”.

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