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Travel-Log #8: Broad Summary (Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas) – Submitted by Carol on 10/3/12

Despite good intentions, I’ve discovered that keeping up on a blog while traveling the width of the country is no easy task.  Whenever possible, we’ve tracked down and run into antique shops and malls in pursuit of a “find.”  In … Continue reading

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1950’s Donald Duck Wall Decoration – A Ducky Disney Whodunnit

One summer morning about two years ago, on what was to become a very hot day, I was on one of my typical hunting and gathering missions at my favorite weekly flea market.  I had already been through the market … Continue reading

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Travel Log #2: LeClaire, Iowa 9/7/12 Reported by Carol

We entered LeClaire, Iowa, which is just north of Interstate 80 and on the banks of the Mississippi River, at about 9:45 a.m.  I was taking note of the price of gas at a BP station when Jim shouted, “There … Continue reading

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Smile: Playboy Bunny

Is that face familiar?  It may be if you are over 50 years old… and more likely male.  Who is this cute happy guy?  Why, the original Playboy Bunny, of course. This bunny, which stands nearly two feet tall, is … Continue reading

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Feature Matches: These Matches Should Be Featured in Anyone’s Collection

I’m not a matchbook collector, per se, but if I were a phillumenist, I’d definitely collect Feature Matches.  When it comes to little scraps of advertising ephemera, these clever and colorful matchbooks with pictures on the actual matches are matchless! … Continue reading

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Smile: Kreiss Psycho Ceramics

Look at those sparkling baby blues!  Note those gigantic pearly whites!  If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. This is a Kreiss Psycho Ceramics figure from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.  This company made all … Continue reading

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The Randotti Skull: A Staple of Disneyland Souvenirs for Several Decades

Almost as daunting as collecting Disney memorabilia in general is collecting Disney theme park merchandise.  After all, Disneyland has been merchandising itself consistently for 57 years.  If you visit a Disney theme park these days, you might notice that pretty … Continue reading

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The Unimal: Educational Hybrid Monster!

When I found my Unimal about 8 months ago, I thought I was just buying a wacky hybrid farm animal.  Turns out the Unimal, which is 1/5 cow, 1/5 steer, 1/5 chicken, 1/5 pig, and 1/5 sheep has a rich … Continue reading

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My Miller -Ironson Lumber Truck – One Owner, Low Miles and Still Truckin’

If you ask a toy collector how they got started, the response is often “I started buying back my childhood.”   It seems the lure of toys for adults is almost as great as it is for children.  Maybe it’s that … Continue reading

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The Hawaiian Cottage

Tiki mugs are one of my many collections that fit into the mid-century category of collecting.  They are colorful, whimsical, and I can usually pick them up for not a lot of money at flea markets.  Though many different mug … Continue reading

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