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It’s a Sign of the Times – The Nineteenth Century That Is

I have to admit – I love old signs.  Their sole purpose was to say “Hey, look at me and buy what I have to sell!”   Before we had radio or television, the role of the sign, at least small … Continue reading

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My Miller -Ironson Lumber Truck – One Owner, Low Miles and Still Truckin’

If you ask a toy collector how they got started, the response is often “I started buying back my childhood.”   It seems the lure of toys for adults is almost as great as it is for children.  Maybe it’s that … Continue reading

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Victory Speed – The Road to Victory was Slow

In terms of history, few events have been studied or recounted more than World War II.  From a collecting perspective most of the emphasis has been on militaria.  Collectors are still looking for and paying good money for those war … Continue reading

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Shoe Shine Boxes: Free Enterprise at its Most Basic Form

When it comes to making a living, there isn’t anything that is more basic than shining shoes.   All you need is a box filled with polish, brushes and rags and you’re ready to go! Although having someone shine your shoes … Continue reading

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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

I have noticed in my years of collecting that sometimes I seem to find objects that have a connection to each other within a short span of time.  This phenomenon just happened to me in the past month as I … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the (Family) Room

The phrase “elephant in the room” has become popular in the last few years, often referring to an object too big to ignore or perhaps even a person or topic that simply cannot be overlooked.   For the purposes of this … Continue reading

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