Smile: Moon Man Salt and Pepper Shaker

This week’s “Smile” is in honor of tonight’s rare “Blue Moon.”  Although it might look like a winking anthropomorphic moon man figurine, it’s actually a salt and pepper shaker.  The moon head removes from the body as the salt shaker, and the body acts as the pepper shaker.  He is marked “Japan” on the bottom of each piece, and probably dates to the late 1930’s or possibly post WWII in the 1940’s.

Made of inexpensive ceramic, he measures approximately 4 inches in height when put together.  Anthropomorphic moons are really cool, and we have a few more that you may see on this site in the future.

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One Response to Smile: Moon Man Salt and Pepper Shaker

  1. Eglantine says:

    His face is cute (sort of sexy, even), and I almost hate to say this, but he looks as though he’s just reported to the company latrine…and is currently…engaged in some…business…Sorry…

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