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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to The Collector Gene!

One year ago today our first article about Hagen Renaker Little Horribles went up! Happy anniversary to us!

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Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap – “Born on a Mountaintop in Tennessee” – In the 1950’s Davy Sent Little Boomers on a Spending Spree!

1955 was a great year for Walt Disney. Disneyland opened that summer. The TV show “Mickey Mouse Club” premiered and Davy Crockett became a phenomenon that has rarely been rivaled since. “Davy Crockett”, starring Fess Parker in the title role … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Our Gal Sal: Sally Starr As You’ve Probably Never Seen Her

Ask any baby boomer who grew up in the Philadelphia area in the 1950’s and 1960’s if they remember Sally Starr’s “Popeye Theater” show, and you’ll get an immediate affirmative answer.  I truly think there wasn’t a child in our … Continue reading

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Smile! A Traditional Jack O’Lantern Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

This jack o’lantern may be smiling, but there’s something slightly menacing about it.  Of course, that’s part of his appeal to collectors.  Over seven inches in height, he’s made of a paper pulp product that was shaped by pressing into … Continue reading

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Smile! Something Bewitching for You

This adorable old hag is proof positive that they don’t make paper Halloween decorations like they used to.  With rivets at the shoulders to allow for arm movement and a generous supply of crepe paper to create a winged cape … Continue reading

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The Unimal: Educational Hybrid Monster!

When I found my Unimal about 8 months ago, I thought I was just buying a wacky hybrid farm animal.  Turns out the Unimal, which is 1/5 cow, 1/5 steer, 1/5 chicken, 1/5 pig, and 1/5 sheep has a rich … Continue reading

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Victory Speed – The Road to Victory was Slow

In terms of history, few events have been studied or recounted more than World War II.  From a collecting perspective most of the emphasis has been on militaria.  Collectors are still looking for and paying good money for those war … Continue reading

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